Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a non-confidential, child centered process for conflicted divorced and divorcing parents. Through education, negotiation and case management, the family’s progress is monitored to ensure that parents are fulfilling their obligations to their child while complying with the recommendations of the court.

Through this approach, the co-parents will learn valuable information about the process of divorce as well as communication, conflict resolution, and negotiation skills necessary to create a two household family. The parent coordination process that we offer will not only address the children's issues associated with divorce, but will assist you to focus on the loss within your marriage and steps to create a partnership in parenting with your former spouse on your children's behalf by learning to effectively co-parent.

Throughout the process, you will be challenged to make changes within your relationship with your former spouse to reduce the negative impact on your child(ren). The goal is to discover the power the two of you have to make positive changes that will benefit your child and relationship with the other parent.

By assisting parents to establish and maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship it will reduce conflict and the risk factors that influence a child’s post-divorce adjustment. The main goal is to offer children the opportunity to grow in a home environment free from the devastating stress of being caught in the middle of parental conflict.

If you wish to gain a cooperative parenting relationship with your former spouse, please contact us today.

Jill Janecke, LPC-MH, is a certified Parent Coordinator for the SD Judicial System. 

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