Carl Johnson, M.A.

Marriage and Families Pastoral Counselor (Candidate)

I grew up in Rapid City, S.D. I followed in my father’s footsteps and graduated from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in 2012 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Science. My grandfather was a pastor for 40 years and has had a tremendous influence on my life. His passion for the hurting and broken inspired me to pursue helping others. I am scheduled to graduate from Liberty University in March, 2020.

Strong analytical reasoning skills combined with a high level of empathy have led me to a unique position of being able to see what causes people to struggle, while also having enough grace and compassion to help them out of the struggle.

My approach is solution focused, with an emphasis on both the practical and spiritual elements of life that may be hindering my clients from achieving their potential.

I am a proud husband, a father to five wonderful children and I love helping families and kids. Family units are the backbone of our society and community, I want to help make them great.

I speak and preach publicly about the importance of faith, fatherhood, marriage and families. I’d love to work with your church or community group to heal and strengthen the people close to you.

I especially look forward to working with other men who want to be great husbands and fathers but may be struggling to do so. In general, men want tools and direction in order to solve problems. My education combined with my background in the military (Army) and college athletics (basketball) gives me insight into what tools and direction will help men to become what God intended them to be.

I have helped people through marriage difficulties, depression/suicidal ideations, parenting problems, dealing with loss and stress and many other difficult life experiences.

 I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve helped and I look forward to more learning and helping in the years to come.

In my personal life, I still try to get in as much as amateur basketball as my wife can handle. Family time is paramount and we love enjoying the great outdoors. We have a hobby farm with bees, chickens, our three dogs and one cat. Unfortunately, I hunt poorly and fish worse but God has thankfully placed many good friends in my life to help me enjoy the experience. My family has felt the love and friendship since we came here and I love being a part of the Pierre community.

Call 494-1500 if interested in making an appointment!!